Education Accountability

Where is it?




SCOOT OVER AMERICA,YOU PEOPLE are NOW carving a seat at the discussion and decision making tables.

ENOUG IS ENOUGH of those who are speaking out on my behalf and others in my predicament while simultaneously not understanding in totality what we are dealt but really is the catalyst of our downtrodden state. We are hemorrhaging inside, we are not experiments but American citizens, we deserve to be and should be around the decision making tables but we aren’t.

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH with the blatant disregard of my rights, health care, sanity, employment, and livelihood, and my future’s education.

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH of treating me like I am on constant mute mode.

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH with these unrealistic expectations you have of me and then point and mock me in the most inhumane manner possible.

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH of being the catalyst of mental disorders in our POOR BLACK COMMUNITIES and we have walked around like it is normal or it belongs here.

I TOO AM AN AMERICAN WHOSE INALIENABLE RIGHTS MUST NO LONGER BE VIOLATED. I have something to say, Acknowledge the Poly Traumatic Stress Disorders! that plague MY poor black community daily that EVERY benefit from but the very people that succumb to these atrocities daily.

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH with allowing the poly traumatic stress disorders to breed within my community and communities like mine and then have the audacity to blame the adults for not being whole, sane, reasonable, civically responsible, and upstanding.

This is being released because no matter how one attempt to better themselves, it is only when I am using my people that I get ahead and I know I live in one of the richest countries and we should not work in this political and unjust manner. I hope that with these words, families especially women who head our households in my same position will be encouraged to understand that what’s done is only being done because of ignorance, lack of education, chronic but yet understandable mistrust towards our own people, law enforcement, and those NATIONAL organizations that have sat back and collected lucrative salaries while simultaneously allowing failure, maltreatment and malpractice to be executed generationally and the simple fact that education malpractice is prevalent in our inner cities in America of which should be how we eradicate poverty, there is no wonder we are missing in civic engagement because it isn’t taught.

We are more powerful than we think and know. It is the poor who send the various ethnicities (eg. Chinese, Arabs, Africans, Hispanics, Latinos, Italians, and Whites) to their individual respective banks daily and happily. We are major consumers and it is upon our back America’s held, it is now time to understand our power and invest within our own communities and children education.

I never understood my worth or power because I did not know my history and now that I have gotten a glimpse of the foundation, I realize now that, WE HOLD AMERICA UP!

 3 Americas

I am sitting her watching our beautiful children look at a mom fighting a good fight while I allow mine waste away, I can’t shake that I reside in 3 Americas (Upper Echelon, White, and all else). I mean I am speaking as Dr. King Spoke, I am choosing to NOT be moved like Rosa Parks one day spoke, I am speaking what Frederick Douglass said, Education is key to NOT being shackled but self lead; What year am I in?

LIES, LIES, LIES UPON LIES we are NOT the United States of America, and we are NOT all created equal! WE as a people of color are STILL being written and given a BAD CHECK that is coming BACK to us stamped INSUFFICIENT FUNDS, even in 2014?

When I hear “OUR FOUNDING FATHERS” that is a code phrase of when people of color were NOT considered citizens in America and that somehow justifies the injustice, discriminatory actions, and racist undertones?

It is like we people of color are not covered under the United States Constitution and we are not walking in our liberty……


AFFLUENZA VS…………..Orphanenza, Povertenza, Secretenza, Hurtenza, Abandonmenza, Abusenza, Negelectenza, Uncertainenza, Confusionenza, Lackenza, Inequlitenza, Deprivenza, Delapidatenza, Rejectenza, Lack of Validatenza, Criminalenza, Failurenza, Diseasenza, Lonelienza, Alonenza, Fearenza, Angerenza, Ragenza, Misunderstoodenza, Ignoranenza, Ill Exposenza, Hungerenza, Hearing Impairenza, Visually Impairedenza, Lack of Social Skillsenza, Frustrationenza, Wedlockenza, Religionenza, Ill Willenza, Inablilitenza, Prejudgenza, Brokenza, Financially Challengenza, Lack of Energenza, Transientenza, Powerlessnessenza, Low Expectationenza, Low Standardenza, Ill Preparednessenza, Hopelessnessenza, Homelessnessenza

The plethora of enzas that our children and families contend with on a daily basis within our poor African American communities has nothing to do with a race card but should be kept silent while America watch and talk in silence and acknowledges the bleeding but do nothing to STOP it……AMERICA, HAVE YOU NO MERCY??

I find it just amazing how they have the audacity to articulate one is “PLAYING THE RACE” card when CLEARLY those in decision making skills make decisions based on what they are “groomed” to believe and execute what they KNOW should be….

The issues our children MUST deal with on a daily basis and for some reason must turn into astute and attentive individuals in the classrooms while hiding to abuse, turmoil, hunger, self hatred, etc. inside while America sits back and flinches not!

Yes, we live in three Americas, THE HAVE EVERYTHING, THE HAVES & THE HAVE NOTS

We are yet fighting battles we fought in the days of old and yes history is indeed repeating itself but not without resistance and on mute mode, I am indeed SPEAKING UP AND SPEAKING OUT and allowing America the opportunity to justify itself!